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NFL Week 3 Start/ Sit


Whether you’re 2-0, 1-1, or 0-1, here’s who you should be starting or sitting in Week 3:


The Saints and Giants game last week did not live up to the hype of the touchdown frenzy game that it was destined to be. With the way that the Saints defense is still structured, this week’s matchup has to be higher scoring for both teams. Drew Brees and Matt Ryan have already kicked their seasons off nicely and I project them both to continue their hot streaks against one another. One quarterback that would like to start his season over would be Russell Wilson, and with him going up against the 49ers this week, he has a good chance to hit the reset button. The Seattle defense will be shutting the 49ers down all game, giving Russell plenty of possessions to pad the stats. One of the easiest selections this week to start has to be Big Ben Roethlisberger against the Eagles. Not only does he have one of the best offenses in the league, but he has a fairly easy matchup to go along with it.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to have a great season for the Jets, however, this week will not be one of his brightest. Brandon Marshall is questionable with a knee injury, putting a lot of the pressure on Eric Decker and Quincy Enunwa. The Chiefs secondary is strong and even if Marshall plays, they will force Fitz to make some difficult throws. The Bucs go up against the Rams this week, which is another bad sign for Jameis Winston, who threw 4 INT’s last week. The Rams D has been suffocating and made Russell Wilson’s life hell last week. Another QB that is in trouble this week is the struggling Kirk Cousins going up against the revitalized Giants’ defense. Kirk is getting warmer and warmer in the hot seat and it is weeks like this that could dig his into an even bigger hole.

Running Backs

DeAngelo Williams. Period. Moving on. Ezekiel Elliot will run all over the Chicago Bears. Being a Bears’ fan right now is depressing and the thought of Zeke having his way with that pitiful Bears Defense this week takes me back to the good times with Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs were shutting down offense after offense. But Urlacher and Briggs are somewhere on an island sipping margaritas and will not be on the field trying to tackle Zeke Elliot, making him one of the best options at RB this week. Speaking of former Bears, Matt Forte has been one of the best RB’s in football over the past two weeks, and it will continue again this week. The passing game will be shut down by the Chiefs secondary opening up a ton of lanes for Forte to succeed. With the injury to Danny Woodhead last week, the entire backfield for the Chargers has Melvin Gordon’s name all over it. The Chargers go up against the Colts this week and Melvin will be a major focal point for a team that has already lost weapons like Woodhead and Keenan Allen to injury.

Everyone that took Matt Jones in their Fantasy Draft’s this year was promised breakout potential and possibly this year’s Devonta Freeman. Unfortunately, they will have to wait another week because he goes up against the Giants and their brick wall of a defensive line. Unless he breaks out for an 80-yard touchdown, I don’t see him having much of an impact this week. Latavius Murray has played well with the few touches that he has received this season, but will have an off week against the Titans’ defense that has been doing a great job this year shutting down the run. He is the guy in Oakland, but nothing will be getting through that defensive line. Ryan Mathews will have a similar issue going against the Steelers. It doesn’t help that Darren Sproles will be taking snaps and plays away from him, which is taking a big hit at his fantasy value going forward. With the work he has been given, he has played well, but it seemed that Sproles was on the field just as much, if not more than Mathews last week against the Bears. The goal line work will be his, but he might not be the bell cow back that he was thought to be at the start of the year.

Wide Receivers

One of the biggest disappointments so far has been Tee Wee Hilton, but this has to be his breakout week with Donte Moncrief out for 4-6 weeks and also going up against the Chargers. If the Colts offensive line can give Andrew Luck more than 2 seconds of protection, Hilton will have his first breakout game of the year. Also, the Titans will be centering in on Latavius Murray all game, leaving a lot of targets and receptions for Amari Cooper. He is a fantastic receiver and I think will only get better in his sophomore season. Julio Jones has been struggling with some ticky-tack injuries this season, but if he can limp on the field against the Saints, he won’t have to try too hard to get 100 yards and an easy score. Without a doubt Jones is the best receiver for this week if he is able to play. He was unable to practice Thursday, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see him on the gridiron for Monday Night Football.

Going up against the Super Bowl winning Broncos’ defense is never an easy task for any receiver. A.J. Green gets the privilege of playing against them this week and his upside couldn’t be lower. He was shut down by the Steelers last week and it looks like that will be the case again. Stefon Diggs is the NFL leader in receiving yards through two weeks, but don’t expect that this week against the Panthers. They might not have Josh Norman anymore, but they are still an elite defense and will be looking to shut down Diggs with the absence of AP. Diggs is an excellent talent but is one of the only weapons on a weak Vikings’ offense. Another BIG talent that will have a poor week is Kelvin Benjamin going up against the Vikes. With the loss of Jonathan Stewart, the Vikings will be centering in on Kelvin and daring Cam to throw it to him.

Tight Ends

Gronk is back. Even though he might have Julian Edelman throwing him the ball, he is still a threat that has to be accounted for. Doubting Gronk is not possible and the only thing that could take him down is injury. The closest thing to Gronk in the league is Jordan Reed and he is bound to find the end zone this week. He gets the most targets on the Redskins and is the second best tight end in the league. I also like Kyle Rudolph this week with Stefon Diggs so tightly covered. He will be a red zone threat and has a great chance of getting in the end zone again this week.

Defenses/Special Teams

Start: Texans, Buccaneers

Sit: Jets, Patriots

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