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Fantasy Start/Sit Week 2


Well, maybe I wasn’t perfect last week, but I wasn’t too bad. I was very good at the quarterback position where my “start” group finished 6, 7, and 9, respectively. My “sits” then finished 19, 26, and 27 among quarterbacks. I did end up selecting the #2 running back of the week (Spencer Ware) as one of my starters, but I also sponsored a top-line performance of Todd Gurley, which he did not answer. On the edges, none of my receivers dominated, but 2 out of the 3 got in the end zone and the other finished with 137 yards. Still, last week is not this week, so let’s get into who you should be going with in Week 2.

Also, if you have any start/sit questions in preparation for the weekend, I am active on Twitter and will most likely respond to any question. Twitter: @hardwiredsports.


Although I never thought I would say this, Eli Manning is my QB1 this week. He had a solid start to the season last week and with the Saints’ secondary approaching, the Giants’ pass-heavy offense has to be excited. Both Eli and OBJ should be plays this week and get ready for big numbers. I would also stick to Matthew Stafford. Jim Bob Cooter has done wonders for this quarterback and even without a reliable receiving core, he has two very talented receiving backs at his side. Lastly, Blake Bortles is back in the “start” category this week. After rightfully being placed in “sit” last week, Bortles will be out to even his team’s record with a big performance against the Dolphins.

If you have Alex Smith on your team, I would advise leaving him firmly on the bench. He might have been good for you last week, but that will not be the same against the Texans this time. Houston is just too good on the defensive end and Lamar Miller should control a chunk of the time of possession for Houston. Another guy to sit would be Ryan Fitzpatrick. Although he has two nice targets in Marshall and Decker, I don’t see the Jets having a great offensive performance against the Bills. There are much better plays that Fitzpatrick this week. Lastly, stay away from Jameis Winston, purely because of match-up. He looked great in Week 1, but it’s the Cardinals. Unless it’s Cam and Rodgers, don’t start a QB against Arizona.

Running Backs

#1 RB this week: C.J. Anderson. Yup, I’m riding the streak from Week 1. But let’s be real, he got 24 touches then, and he should get that steady dosage again with the Colts on the schedule. Jonathan Stewart should also be a good start this week, as the 49ers are not going to keep their amazing run defense of Week 1 going into Week 2 on the road. Just don’t see it happening. I also like both of the Chargers’ running backs (Danny Woodhead and Melvin Gordon) this weekend against the Jaguars, where they should each get in the end zone.

In the same boat as Jameis Winston, Doug Martin should remain on your bench. I know it will be hard to do, but I do not foresee a double-digit performance from him. This is a gut decision, but I like the Jets’ front to stop LeSean McCoy of the Bills this weekend. I think they are a very underrated defensive line and they will look to build off a nice run stopping Week 1. Despite still having high hopes for him this season, it is not Eddie Lacy‘s time to have a big week. The Packers could have used him a lot last week, yet he only received 14 carries. And with the best quarterback in football under center, the Pack will look downfield against the Vikings.

Wide Receivers

Nuk Hopkins. Start this man. After Will Fuller had a great opening weekend, Fuller should receive some more coverage on his side of the field, leaving Nuk to do his damage. As for lower-end guys, I would suggest starting both Jarvis Landry and Jordan Matthews. Both guys have pretty favorable match-ups and I think they will see a bunch of targets that they can capitalize on. They are especially valuable in a PPR this week, but expect them both to easily eclipse double-digits.

Even if Sam Shields is unable to play for Green Bay, Stefon Diggs is a no-go this week. The Packers’ have a very strong secondary and with the Vikings pounding Adrian Peterson all day, Diggs will not be a good start. Also, sit Sammy Watkins tonight against the Jets. He is not 100% healthy and that does not bode well if he wants to go 1-on-1 with Darrelle Revis all night long. And since I am going to keep putting him here until he calms down with the touchdowns, Doug Baldwin‘s streak has to end eventually right? Right??!!

Tight Ends

I’m sticking with Delanie Walker this week as my #1 tight end. He gets the Lions this time, and I think he will go for 75 yards and touchdown. I would also go with Antonio Gates if you are short a tight end this week. Gates will be the #1 receiver for the Chargers this week without Keenan Allen and Steve Johnson, so Travis Benjamin and Danny Woodhead will be his only competitors.

Jimmy Graham just isn’t working with the Seahawks, so just keep sitting him. Probably too risky to just drop him because he is still an elite talent, but don’t start him this week. And while we are on risky plays, don’t start either Richard Rodgers or Jared Cook. Both of them are used in the Packers’ offense, but not with enough frequency or consistency where they would warrant a start. Sit on both.

Defenses/Special Teams

49ers @ Panthers. If you have the Panthers defense, start them. It’s that simple in this one. To me, that is the best start this week, and the rest are mainly just toss ups. Good luck.

What is the #1 rule of starting a defense? Don’t do it against Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton. Therefore, sit the Vikings. And the 49ers. Everyone else should be fair game this weekend, but avoid those two.

Have an awesome weekend and may the touchdown vultures stay away from your running backs.

Photo courtesy of 247 Sports.