2016 NBA Draft Live Blog

Updated: 11:30pm CT through all 60 picks.

Welcome to my 2016 NBA Draft Live Blog. Like the NFL Draft, Michael and I will be working on this together. After every pick, I will update this post with both of our opinions on the player, fit, and what grade that pick receives. This should be a fun night full of twists and turns, along with quite a few trades. I will also be tweeting out some quick pick predictions and thoughts on @hardwiredsports. If you have any draft questions or anything, you can message me on twitter or tweet at me and I will respond as fast as I can.

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1st Round

1. Philadelphia 76ers – SF Ben Simmons, LSU

This was no surprise. Simmons was picked to be the #1 pick just about all season, and that did not change. He is a great prospect who has the ability to play point forward as his primary position. The Sixers clearly still have a lot of work to do, but with Simmons as a building block, there is at least some hope in Philadelphia. Grade: A. -Lukas.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every mock draft since November has had Ben Simmons going number 1, so no surprise here. I like Ingram more personally, but think Simmons was the right selection. Grade: A. -Michael.

2. Los Angeles Lakers – SF Brandon Ingram, Duke

Again, no surprise. Everyone knew that Ingram was going to be #2 if Simmons went #1. With Randle and Russell already in Los Angeles, the addition of Ingram gives them a nice future. If they can add a star in free agency as well, we could see a totally different Lakers team next season. Grade: A. -Lukas.

My favorite prospect in the draft. Great shooter with incredible length. Plays with a style similar to KD. Perfect kid for the Lakers to build the next generation around. Now it’s time for the fun. Grade: A+. -Michael. 

3. Boston Celtics – SF Jaylen Brown, California 

Brown is a little surprising here. If the Celtics keep this pick, it is interesting because of his lack of shooting. The Celtics are definitely in need of adding shooting this season, and Brown would not fit that. Still, this pick could easily be meant for another team, so it is hard to judge. Brown has huge upside if he can develop a jump shot, especially with massive amounts of athleticism. Grade: B. -Lukas.

Wow. I did not think Boston would keep this pick, but if they did, I didn’t even think Brown would be in contention. This pick is a bit out of right field, but Brown has limitless potential. He is an intriguing trade chip and has the chance to be a star in Boston. I’m not on high as him as others however, but understand the reasoning behind this selection. Grade: B. -Michael.

4. Phoenix Suns – PF Dragan Bender, Croatia

I thought the Suns were going to go with Bender here, and I was correct. He is a lengthy player at 7-1 and has a nice shooting touch. The Suns were in need of a stretch-4, and this young Croatian is exactly what they need. I am skeptical of how much star power Bender has, but I think he will be a valuable asset and role player for the first few years. Grade: A-. -Lukas.

2/4 on my mock so far. The consensus opinion was that the Suns would take Marquese Chriss. Shows what the experts know. Bender is a good fit however, and he has high upside. Solid selection here by Phoenix. Grade: B. -Michael.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves – PG Kris Dunn, Providence

Interesting. Taking Dunn at#5 probably means that Rubio is on the way out, but we will have to see. Obviously the team is working on building around KAT and Wiggins, but Dunn is a very good point guard that can run an offense efficiently with two stars around him. Most people believe that the Timberwolves are on the rise, and I agree. If that core of KAT, Wiggins, and Dunn can develop together (don’t forget LaVine either), the future is bright. Grade: B+. -Lukas.

Kris Dunn at #5 reminds me of another guard from a small Big East school that went #5 13 years ago. That player became an 3-time NBA champion and future HOFer. Dunn enters a situation that will allow him to reach the same team accomplishments Wade did, as he is joining a roster stacked with young talent, while Thibs will help coach him up to reach the fullest of his personal potential. Grade: A. -Michael.

6. New Orleans Pelicans – SG Buddy Hield, Oklahoma

The Pelicans needed shooting. No doubt about it. And with the selection of Buddy Hield, they get just that. I think Buddy is more than being just a shooter at the next level because he can score in such a variety of ways. He can create his own shot, run off screens, or just spot up. This is a very nice pick for the Pelicans, even though I thought Dunn would have been a better fit had he been available. Grade: A. -Lukas.

I liked Murray better as a prospect, but at least the Pelicans filled a need. Hield should get plenty of open shots with the D keying in on Anthony Davis. Still, I think Murray will be the better pro. Grade: B-. -Michael. 

7. Denver Nuggets – SG Jamal Murray, Kentucky

Another team that desperately needed shooting and filled that void. The Nuggets have lots of young talent, but no star power. If one of their young guys can develop into something truly special, then the Nuggets will have something going for them. Before that happens, however, the Nuggets will be in limbo. Still, Murray is a solid selection that can make an impact right away. Grade: A-. -Lukas.

Back to back years the Nuggets jump on top prospects. This Nuggets team is looking really intriguing to me as of two minutes ago. Mudiay and Murray could form an extremely dangerous backcourt, as the two are perfect fits next to one another. Throw in the young stud Jusuf at the 5 and you have the makings of a strong contender. Grade: A+. -Michael. 

8. Phoenix Suns (via Sacramento Kings) – PF Marquese Chriss, Washington

Interesting move here by the Suns. We are only eight picks into the draft, and Phoenix has already selected twice, and both were power forwards. Chriss was linked to Phoenix since the beginning, so they were able to get both of the guys that they wanted. I am not sure how well both picks fit together, but obviously scoring both players is a positive for the Suns management. Grade: To be determined (depends on what was given up). -Lukas.

Reportedly, this pick will go to Phoenix, so I will grade it as that. I guess the PHX front office couldn’t decide between Bender or Chriss so they just jumped on both. In my mock, I thought PHX would pursue a similar strategy, but I had them going Chriss than Ellenson. Grade: Undetermined until further details released. -Michael. 

9. Toronto Raptors – C Jakob Poeltl, Utah

The Raptors needed help on the interior, especially is Biyombo leaves this offseason. If the Raptors can bring back DeMar DeRozan, Poeltl would be an instant rotation player on a playoff team. In fact, the Raptors could easily be a contender for the title next season if they make the right moves. Poeltl doesn’t have the highest ceiling out of all of the prospects, but he might be the best fit in Toronto. Grade: B. -Lukas.

Meh. Toronto needed a replacement for Bismack, but I thought they’d go for someone with more upside. Regardless, this is an alright pick, as it fills a need. Still, I don’t see how this puts them over the top. Grade: C. -Michael. 

10. Milwaukee Bucks – C Thon Maker, Australia

I know the Bucks were thinking about drafting Maker at some point, but at #10? Really? Sure, he could have a future with the team and he might become a supreme talent, but I think the team could have easily gotten him much later in the first round. Still, the Bucks are huge on length and this is a very risky pick. We’ll see what happens, but my grade for this pick will definitely be based on when this pick was made. I like Maker, but not when he could have been taken later in the draft. Grade: C-. -Lukas.

Wow. I can’t think straight. John Hammond reportedly loved Thon. But come on man. I get the swing for the fences but why not just trade up to number 28 and select the same guy?Like we don’t even know this guy’s exact age. Grade: D-. -Michael.

11. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Orlando Magic) – PF Domantas Sabonis, Gonzaga

I really like Sabonis as a player, and I think he will fit well with the Thunder’s need of a big man. Still, my grade will be dependent on what the Thunder gave up to get him. Sabonis is a talented post-up big man with a solid defensive game. Although I do not think Sabonis will ever be a star in the league, he can definitely be a quality starting big man. Grade: To be determined (trade). -Lukas.

A solid selection here. I, along with everyone, thought Skal was a lock here but guess that was just a smoke screen. I liked Sabonis more than Poeltl so this is solid value. Nothing spectacular though. Update: Okay this pick grade stays the same even though Sabonis’s rights go to the Thunder. Not taking the trade into account, this is still a “B”. The Thunder may have fleeced Orlando, however, due to the receiving of Oladipo. Grade: B. -Michael. 

12. Atlanta Hawks (via Utah Jazz) – SF Taurean Prince, Baylor 

So DeMarre Carroll part 2 for the Hawks? That’s about all I got. I like Prince, but maybe not as early as #12. He has lots of talent and could be a great 3-and-D player for the Hawks as they try to do whatever they are trying to do with their roster. Grade: C+. -Lukas.

Wow guess the Hawks really missed DeMarre Carroll. Prince is essentially a Carroll doppelganger, as the former Baylor Bear is a gritty player like his predecessor. Solid pick for the Hawks. Grade: B. -Michael.

13. Sacramento Kings (via Phoenix Suns) – C Georgios Papagiannis, Greece

So that happened. Just 2 picks after the Bucks went after Thon Maker, the Kings get Papagiannis, another player who probably would have been available in the second round. What is interesting is that the team already has Demarcus Cousins and Willie Cauley-Stein. What does this mean for the future of that position in Sacramento? Grade: D+. -Lukas.

The Kings just out-Kings-ed themselves, which is unbelievable. Hopefully George Papagiannis will play well alongside Boogie and Cauley-Stein, though unlikely due to the fact they all play the same position. Grade: F. -Michael. 

14. Chicago Bulls – SF Denzel Valentine, Michigan State

Valentine might have gone #14, but he is one of the most talented players in this draft. Sure, he doesn’t have the highest ceiling, but his floor is very high. He has the tools to be very versatile at the next level and I like that. The Bulls have a lot of questions this offseason, but Valentine can fit on any team. Grade: A-. -Lukas.

Denzel Valentine reminds me a lot of Tyler Hansborough. Both were model four-year college players who played hard with little off court concerns. Valentine, like Psycho T, can be a solid role player in this league, but that’s about as high as his ceiling goes. Still, better than the pick before. Grade: C+. -Michael. 

15. Denver Nuggets – PF Juan Hernangomez, Spain

Well, I did not think Hernangomez would go this early, but I still really like him. I thought the Nuggets would go with a foreign player, and they did. Juan is a prototype stretch-4 at 6-10 and I really like what he could become in the NBA. He fits well with the program that the Nuggets are looking to run and I think they are also on the rise. Grade: B. -Lukas.

Well the round of reaches continues. I had this guy going in the first round at least. Tim Connelly loves his foreign players, but aren’t Furkan and Luwawu far superior prospects?? Don’t the Nuggets have another selection six picks later they could have used on him?? Only time will tell I guess. Grade: D-. -Michael. 

16. Boston Celtics – PF Guerschon Yabusele, France

Interesting move here by the Celtics. They are still holding onto their picks, and they have now added another big man to their roster. I’m not sure how I feel about Yabusele going this early in the first round, but if Danny Ainge wants it, Danny Ainge gets it (unless it’s Gordon Hayward. Or Jabari Parker. Or Khris Middleton). Grade: C-. -Lukas.

This draft is a joke. So many foreign players that are allowing some of the top talent fall into the hands of later teams in the draft. Grade: F. -Michael. 

17. Memphis Grizzlies – PG Wade Baldwin, Vanderbilt

Well, this is exactly who I wanted the Bucks to draft. I don’t think Baldwin will ever be a superstar, but he is a solid combo guard that will find a nice home in Memphis. With the way he shoots the ball from deep and with his length, Baldwin can be a very effective guard in the NBA. Grade: A. -Lukas.

Finally a reasonable selection. Consensus sources are 0/3 for the night following this selection. Malachi Richardson was said to coveted by Memphis brass, but Baldwin’s potential was too good to pass up. On a side note, this run on crappy foreigners has put the teams at the back-end of the first in a great position to grab falling talent. Expect Baldwin to be an above average pro with very good potential. Grade: A. -Michael. 

18. Detroit Pistons – PF Henry Ellenson, Marquette

Playing alongside Andre Drummond, Ellenson is a great pick for Detroit. He is a solid rebounder and face-up scorer that can have his weaknesses defensively masked by Drummond behind him. I really like Ellenson’s fit with the Pistons and I think he can be very successful there. Grade: A. -Lukas.

The Pistons have been on the rise in recent years and it’s easy to see due to the smart decision-making of the front office. Ellenson was in discussion a few weeks ago to go #3 overall. Concerns about his athleticism caused him to drop, but he finds a good home here in Detroit. He should fit along nicely next to Andre Drummond, and could become an outstanding stretch four. Grade: A. -Michael.

19. Denver Nuggets – SG Malik Beasley, Florida State

I’ll keep this short. Malik Beasley gets buckets. He gets buckets. And the Nuggets need buckets. That’s all I got. Grade: B+. -Lukas.

Another solid college prospect falls and another team scoops. I like the last three picks more than numerous picks before. Beasley is a solid talent with strong potential. Grade: A-. -Michael.

20. Indiana Pacers – SG Caris LeVert, Michigan

Another surprising pick here. After missing a lot of time for the Wolverines last season, LeVert fell in the draft. Still, if LeVert is healthy, he could be a nice value pick at #20. I am not sure how I exactly feel about him, but the Pacers can stick him behind Monta Ellis next season and give him a chance to find his footing again (somewhat pun intended). Grade: C+. -Lukas.

I’m not that high on Chris LaVert, as Michigan has had a dubious history recently in producing prospects. This wasn’t a tremendous reach or anything, I just thought there were superior prospects available. Grade: C-. -Michael. 

21. Atlanta Hawks – SF DeAndre Bembry, Saint Joseph’s

I really like Bembry as a prospect, and I think the Hawks are a good fit for him. Bembry and Prince can run a tandem together on the wing and I think that they can develop well together and complement each other when they are on the floor at the same time. I still don’t know what direction the Hawks are going with, but I like their picks so far. Grade: B+. -Lukas.

Bembry is a solid small school prospect who perfectly fits the range here. The Hawks have talent already and have done a good job this evening bolstering their wings. Though I don’t know how they plan to replace Al Horford…. Grade: C. -Michael. 

22. Sacramento Kings (via Charlotte Hornets) – SG Malachi Richardson, Syracuse

Another player that I like, especially for the value at #22. Richardson has good size and will be a nice fit alongside Cousins in Sacramento. He can be a good shooter in the back court there, but so many questions are still left unanswered in Sacramento. Grade: A-. -Lukas.

A great pickup here for the Kings I would have been content with the Bucks taking Malachi at #10 so obviously he has good value. The Kings partially make up for that disaster of a lottery pick. In fact, Richardson would have received a “B” from me had he been picked 10 selections prior… Grade: A+.  -Michael.

23. Boston Celtics – C Ante Zizic, Croatia

I like Zizic as a draft-and-stash project, and I think he fits in the right range at #23. It seems like the Celtics are going with all three of their first round picks, and using two as players overseas. The Celtics are in great shape as an organization, so I’m not going to question this decision by Danny Ainge. Grade: B-. -Lukas.

I don’t know what the Celtics are doing. I know they have 36 draft picks this year but didn’t they just draft a European to stash? Ante is actually good value though, so this pick isn’t that bad, just a bit confusing. Grade: C-. -Lukas.

24. Philadelphia 76ers – SF Timothe Luwawu, France

Luwawu is a tremendous athlete who can be a great defender at the next level. He has shown improvement around the perimeter and if he keeps that progression, Timothe will be a solid 3-and-D piece for the future of the 76ers. I think he gives the Sixers nice value at #24 as well. Grade: B+. -Lukas.

Great pick here by Philly. I really like Luwawu as a prospect and think he was one of the best players available. He could develop into a really strong talent in the Association, as he will have ample time to develop in Pennsylvania. Grade: A. -Michael.

25. Los Angeles Clippers – PF Brice Johnson, North Carolina

Johnson was a tremendous college player and I think he will be a nice fit to come off the bench for the Clips. The Clippers are in the mindset that they can contend for a title if they are healthy, so adding a backup option to Blake Griffin that is proven in college makes sense. Grade: A-. -Lukas.

Ayo. I am 4 ¼ / 25 in this draft. Still better than my NFL mock though, right? Johnson obviously fits the range and he is what the Clippers are looking for. The kid can play and help a fragile locker room get stronger. Grade: A-. -Lukas. 

26. Philadelphia 76ers – SG Furkan Korkmaz, Turkey

The Turkish sensation! After drafting Luwawu at #24, the 76ers decided that they needed another European wing, and I really like it. These players are quite different, with Korkmaz being a potent scorer. He needs to add a lot of muscle, but he has great range and could have a bright future as either an immediate player or draft-and-stash. Grade: A. -Lukas.

The 76ers are actually nailing this draft. Furkan was another prospect who could have went #10 and still have been a fine selection. Both Korkmaz and Luwawu are a bit unknown, but both have unlimited potential. I really like both of them as players and think Philadelphia is head and shoulders better than they were hours before. Grade: A+.

27. Toronto Raptors – Pascal Siakam, New Mexico State

Siakam is a tremendous rebounder, and reminds me a little bit of Joakim Noah or Tristan Thompson. He is a great effort player and a decent athlete. However, he does not have the defensive ability of Noah or Thompson and he will need to develop that part of his game. He is a risky pick because his ceiling is not that high, but he can develop into a nice effort player that every team needs. I am really unsure how I feel about Siakam as a prospect, so I will give this a pretty average grade. Grade: C. -Lukas.

Never heard of him. Not against drafting and stashing this late though, as it’s a good way to save cap space while still acquiring assets. Update: This guys isn’t even completely foreign. Went to school at New Mexico State. Shows what I know. This grade just got worse.  Grade: D-.-Michael. 

28. Sacramento Kings (via Phoenix Suns) – C Skal Labissiere, Kentucky

Finally Skal is taken off the board. However, it is by the Kings. Why? Good question. I have no idea. Skal is a very intriguing prospect and he is great value at #28. Not sure how he fits in Sacramento though. Grade: C+. -Lukas.

It’s insane that the Kings picks at #22 and #28 were both better than their pick at #13. In fact, flip Skal and Georgios around and you have a draft that makes sense. Still, the Kings struck gold with their last two selections. Skal was the #2 player in high school for a reason. He has a ceiling in this draft only comparable to Simmons, Ingram, and maybe Chriss. Love this pick for SAC, though the fit is a bit confusing. Grade: A-. -Michael.

29. San Antonio Spurs – PG Dejounte Murray, Washington

With Tony Parker getting older, adding a young speedster like Murray is perfect. He is an energy guy off the bench who, although not a great shooter, will be a good backup option for the Spurs. He does not have to be a great scorer to help that team, but his attacking ability will help free up some shooters along the perimeter. Grade: A. -Lukas.

Wow. It’s because of superior drafting and offseason moves like this one that the Spurs are good every year. Murray is the last of the players I wanted the Bucks to take at #10 and its unfathomable he lasted until #29. The Spurs may have just found Tony Parker’s successor, as Dejounte is lightning in a bottle. If he can ever develop a jump shot, he could be the best point guard in this class. Grade: A+. -Michael. 

30. Golden State Warriors – C Damian Jones, Vanderbilt

This is a sensational value pick for the Warriors. They needed to add a center in this draft, and Jones is a versatile, athletic center with room to improve. He can really jump and with his size, that is a very good skill. If the team keeps Bogut over the offseason, Jones would have a nice player to develop behind. Grade: A. -Lukas.

Solid pick to end the first. The Warriors took a falling talent in Damian Jones who has solid potential as a 5. I really like this pick for the defending runner-ups. Grade: A-. -Michael. 

2nd Round:

31. Memphis Grizzlies (via Boston Celtics) – PF Deyonta Davis, Michigan State

So Davis finally goes in this draft. Although it might not be the first round selection that he hoped for, the possibility of learning behind Zach Randolph should be intriguing. With the Grizzlies possibly starting a rebuild, the young defensive stud would be a nice centerpiece from the second round. Grade: A. -Lukas.

Well I actually mocked the Celts Davis in the first. Too bad the rights were traded to the Grizz. Still counts though, right? Anyways, this is a great way to start the second for Memphis. Davis was a lottery talent, so the Griz struck gold here at the beginning of the second. Grade: A. -Michael.

32. Los Angeles Lakers – C Ivica Zubac, Croatia

This is another nice value pick in the second round. Zubac will be a nice draft-and-stash player for Lakers. With players locked up at point guard, small forward, and power forward, maybe Zubac could be their center of the future? Grade: B. -Lukas.

Good pick here by LA. Solid shot blocker and rebounder. LA has a whole in the middle, but no idea when this guy will come to La La Land. Grade: B.-Michael. 

33. Los Angeles Clippers – C Cheick Diallo, Kansas

Diallo is another player that could have easily gone in the first round. He is very young, even though he had a rather disappointing freshman season. With the possibility of developing behind Blake and DeAndre, Diallo has the ability to become a solid player in the league. Grade: B+. -Lukas. (Michael is done for the night, but the rest of his grades will be posted tomorrow.)

34. Phoenix Suns – PG Tyler Ulis, Kentucky

Ulis is another great pick for his value. He doesn’t even elite size, or even decent size, but he is a really good player at #34. The Suns already have a pretty deep back court, so I am not sure where he will fit in, but I still like the pick. Grade: B. -Lukas.

35. Memphis Grizzlies – SF Rade Zagorac, Serbia

Zagorac is an interesting draft-and-stash prospect in the second round. With the Grizzlies potentially starting a rebuild maybe looking at a player like this is a good idea for their future. Grade: B-. -Lukas.

36. Milwaukee Bucks – SG Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia

With Demetrius Jackson on the board, I am a little puzzled by this pick. Still, I am a big fan of Brogdon and I think he can be a valuable role player right off the way. He has the range and defensive abilities that the Bucks will need in a backup as well. Grade: B. -Lukas.

37. Houston Rockets – C Chinanu Onaku, Louisville 

Onaku is definitely a project for the future, and the Rockets have room on the roster for that. The team is a few more steps away from becoming a contender, but Onaku will probably not be a rotation player for at least another year. Grade: C. -Lukas.

38. Golden State Warriors (via Milwaukee Bucks) – SG Patrick McCaw, UNLV

McCaw is a nice pick for the Warriors here. He is an all-around prospect who is talented, but also raw in a lot of regards. He can pass and shoot, along with being a good defender, but he needs to develop all of those skills further to be valuable. Grade: B. -Lukas.

39. Los Angeles Clippers – PG David Michineau, France 

Michineau will likely come right over to the Clippers, as he is a 22-year-old already. He will be their third point guard on the depth chart, but he might be able to sneak into some meaningful minutes at some point. Grade: C+. -Lukas.

40. Los Angeles Clippers – C Diamond Stone, Maryland

Stone was predicted to go in the lottery at the beginning of the season, but he dramatically fell into the second round. Stone is a good scorer for his size, but he needs to become more polished offensively and definitely needs to improve his defense to become important. Grade: B. -Lukas.

41. Orlando Magic – C Stephen Zimmerman, UNLV 

Zimmerman could have easily been a first round pick, so adding a second round backup like him behind Nikola Vucevic is solid. Zimmerman does not have a very high ceiling, but he could be a key reserve. Grade: C+. -Lukas.

42. Brooklyn Nets – SG Isaiah Whitehead, Seton Hall

Whitehead was an elite scorer in college, and I think he will get enough minutes in Brooklyn to show what he is worth at the next level. The Nets have a lot of things to do before being truly competitive so seeing what Whitehead can do would be advisable. Grade: B+. -Lukas.

43. Houston Rockets – C Zhou Qi, China

Well, the Rockets had success with Yao Ming. Maybe adding another Chinese center will bring them the same luck. I doubt it, but Qi has great measurables, so maybe he is worth some significant minutes. Grade: C. -Lukas.

44. Atlanta Hawks – SG Isaia Cordinier, France

Cordinier is another player who was a fringe first rounder, so maybe he has more he can bring to the table for the Hawks. The Hawks could lose Bazemore in free agency, which would leave some minutes on the table for Isaia. Grade: C. -Lukas.

45. Boston Celtics – PG Demetrius Jackson, Notre Dame

Great value pick for the Celtics right here. Jackson could have been a late lottery pick, and they ended up getting him at #45. There is a bit of logjam of players in Boston, but Jackson will have nice value on the trade market if they do not wish to keep him. Grade: A+. -Lukas.

46. Dallas Mavericks – C A.J. Hammons, Purdue

Hammons has quite a short ceiling, but his shot blocking abilities will translate to the next level. He won’t be a great offensive player at the next level, but maybe he can get some minutes because of his defensive play. Grade: C. -Lukas.

47. Portland Trail Blazers – SF Jake Layman, Maryland

Layman isn’t a very good defender, but he was a pretty versatile scorer for his size in college. If anything, he will be a decent rotation player somewhere, but I don’t see him breaking out as a starter in the future. Grade: D+. -Lukas.

48. Chicago Bulls – SF Paul Zipser, Germany

At 6-8, Zipser has skills to be a tall, shooting wing. He is pretty athletic, and that gives him the possibility to play both forward positions. Because of his versatility, he can get minutes in several different positions. Grade: B-. -Lukas.

49. Detroit Pisons – SF Michael Gbinije, Syracuse

I do not see Gbinije being much more than a rotation player in his career, but maybe he can mold something of a place for him as a sixth man somewhere. Clearly Richardson was the best prospect from that Final Four Syracuse team. Grade: C-. -Lukas.

50. Indiana Pacers – SF Georges Niang, Iowa State

Niang was a potent scorer in college, so maybe he can be a spark plug scorer off the bench for an NBA team. Although not a guard, he could be the type of player to lead a bench unit in scoring and keep the starters fresh. Grade: C+. -Lukas.

51. Boston Celtics – PF Ben Bentil, Providence

Bentil saw a big increase in his production this last year, but he still falls to #51 in this draft. The Celtics drafted a boat load of players tonight, so it will be interesting to see which ones actually make the team. Grade: C-. -Lukas.

52. Utah Jazz – PF Joel Bolomboy, Weber State 

Bolomboy is a small school prospect, but he is getting an opportunity with the Jazz. He worked really hard to get drafted and now it is up to him to prove to the NBA that he belongs. Grade: C. -Lukas.

53. Denver Nuggets – PF Petr Cornelie, France

Cornelie is a 6-11 big who can shoot from deep, and that usually has a place somewhere in the league. Whether that is with the Nuggets (who drafted him), remains to be seen, but someone will take him on. Grade: B-. -Lukas.

54. Atlanta Hawks – PG Kay Felder, Oakland

I love Felder at #54. He is undersized, but has the possibility of become a legitimate NBA rotation player. He can score and distribute at a consistent rate and that makes him a valuable player on any team. Grade: A. -Lukas.

55. Brooklyn Nets – PG Marcus Paige, North Carolina

Paige was great in college, but I don’t see him as much of an NBA prospect. Maybe he can carve out a solid career somewhere, but he needs to be a better shooter and facilitator for that to happen. Grade: D+. -Lukas.

56. Denver Nuggets – SG Daniel Hamilton, Connecticut

Much like Paige, Hamilton will have been a better college player than a professional one. Hamilton was a key player for Connecticut last season, but I don’t see him being a focal part of an NBA team at any time. Grade: C-. -Lukas.

57. Memphis Grizzlies – C Wang Zhelin, China

Here comes another 7 footer. Zhelin doesn’t quite have the ability of other players around his height, but if can develop into a better rim protector, there might be a place for him. Grade: C-. -Lukas.

58. Boston Celtics – Abdel Nader, Iowa State

Nader had a good run with Niang at Iowa State, but his professional career probably won’t last too long in the NBA. He has talent, but Nader is probably better suited to be a player overseas. Grade: D. -Lukas.

59. Sacramento Kings – PG Isaiah Cousins, Oklahoma

I know that Cousins was getting some looks to go in the first round, but that definitely did not happen. Still, Buddy Hield’s running mate at Oklahoma could latch onto a shaky foundation in Sacramento and get some quality minutes. Grade: B. -Lukas.

60. Utah Jazz – PG Tyrone Wallace, California

The Jazz are pretty loaded at point guard, so this selection doesn’t make a lot of sense. Still, if they think Wallace can be an effective guard and get some minutes alongside Exum and Hill in a three-guard lineup, he might be able to squeeze out a career. Grade: C. -Lukas.

End of Round 2

And that’s all I have for now, so this is me…signing off. -Lukas.


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