2016 NFL Draft Live Blogging

Updated through the entire first round. Thanks for reading.

Welcome to my live blog for the 2016 NFL Draft! I, along with my friend Michael, will be providing pick by pick analysis in this section. We will be updating throughout the night based on who is selected. Also, I will be tweeting out more predictions and thoughts. To check out my twitter, it is @hardwiredsports and the feed is just to the right here.

Click read more to follow each selection. 

1. Los Angeles Rams – QB Jared Goff, California

This came as no surprise to anyone. The Rams were in need of a quarterback and Goff fills that void. The Rams will look to build off of Gurley and Goff to build “The Greatest Show on Turf Part 2.” We will see if Goff is worth the Rams gave up to get him, but for the #1 pick, this is the right selection. -Lukas. Grade: A

No surprise here. I really like the Goff fit in LA, as he grew up in the territory and it should be an easier adjustment for him. The Joe Montana comparison ESPN presented is a bit of a stretch, but the kid definitely has potential. The trade up was a bit erratic, but still a good move nonetheless. -Mike. Grade: B+

2. Philadelphia Eagles – QB Carson Wentz, North Dakota State

Again, nothing different from what we expected. Even with Bradford, the Eagles traded up with the clear intention of selecting whichever quarterback the Rams did not select. Wentz has all the tools to be a starting quarterback, even if the Eagles don’t intend him to be so from day one. -Lukas. Grade: A-

Yeah, good pick for Philadelphia here. They have a lot of talent, but needed a quarterback just like LA. Because of that, they should get the same grade. Now the draft gets interesting though, as absolutely no one knows who San Diego will take. The draft has begun. -Mike. Grade: B+

3. San Diego Chargers – DE Joey Bosa, Ohio State

Awesome talent here at #3. Bosa is a great athlete who can bring pressure from the outside right away for the Chargers. The Ohio State University gets their first selection of the first round and there will be several more to come. -Lukas. Grade: B+

Wow. This pick was way out of left field. The Chargers knew they wanted a defensive end and they must have deemed Bosa better than Buckner. I like it. -Mike. Grade: A-

4. Dallas Cowboys – HB Ezekiel Elliot, Ohio State

First of all, classic Cowboys taking all 10 minutes to make their pick. But nonetheless, back-to-back Buckeyes in the top-5. The Cowboys were facing a gaping hole at running back and Elliot is the clear #1 prospect at the position. Zeke should be a talented runner alongside Romo to help the ‘Boys take that next step in the NFC. -Lukas. Grade: A

Damn. You knew Jerry Jones would get his way. I mean, the guy does owns the team. Love the pick though. Elliot has that Cowboy swagger that just screams bonafide superstar. Should be a great player for years to come who really helps the ‘Boys get over the edge. As much as I hate Dallas, this was a great pick. This next pick has to be Ramsey.  -Mike. Grade: A+

5. Jacksonville Jaguars – CB/S Jalen Ramsey, Florida State

To me, Jalen Ramsey is the best prospect in this draft. He has the size and skill to be either a corner or a safety, and the Jaguars were all over this pick. Ramsey fell right into their lap, and he will be able to develop and make an impact early in his career. -Lukas. Grade: A+

Jacksonville literally ran to the podium with this selection. Ramsey falling to them was a dream come true and he should be a great player on an above-average defense. The best prospect in the draft fell to number 5.  -Mike. Grade: A+

6. Baltimore Ravens – OT Ronnie Stanley

So Stanley does go before Tunsil. It was clear that the Ravens were targeting a tackle going into this draft, but was Stanley the right pick? I’m not so sure. Stanley has much more experience with a deep drop back in comparison to Tunsil, but is that isn’t everything. The Ravens certainly picked the right position, but is it the right player? We shall see… -Lukas. Grade: C+

Cannot say I like this pick. There are huge questions about Stanley’s commitment to football as well as his toughness. Tunsil fell right into their lap and they passed him up. It is tough to doubt Ozzie Newsome, but I can’t see Stanley being better than Tunsil. -Mike. Grade: D

7. San Francisco 49ers – DE DeForest Buckner, Oregon

Buckner is one of the top-2 guys at the Defensive End position in this draft. Although there was different in draft position, it will be exciting to watch Bosa and Buckner go to work on the edge. At the #7 pick, I love this selection for Niners. -Lukas. Grade: A

49ers get their man. Buckner should be a great fit in San Francisco and should really help improve that lackluster defense. The Niners have so many holes they just had to take the best player available, which they did here. -Mike. Grade: A

8. Tennessee Titans – OT Jack Conklin, Michigan State

Here’s a tip to future prospects: Never take a video smoking out of a gas mask. The Titans still go with an offensive tackle, but instead of Laremy Tunsil, they select Jack Conklin to protect Mariota in the future. Those two should get some solid chemistry to allow for a clear future in the passing game for Tennessee. -Lukas. Grade: B

Wow. I cannot believe how badly that video of Tunsil with a gas mask hurt his stock. The Titans must have been desperate to not get stuck with him. I still think Tunsil will be a better player, but the Titans had the luxury to get the guy they wanted. Would love to see a Jameis Winston-Laremy Tunsil combination in Tampa. That would be a Bad Boys 3 movie in the making. -Mike. Grade: C+

9. Chicago Bears – OLB Leonard Floyd, Georgia

Interesting that the Bears would trade up for a guy that probably would have made it to #11 for them. Still, if Floyd was the guy they really wanted from the beginning, the deal was pretty good to get him. As for the fit, John Fox knows how to work a defense, and I’m sure he had some influence on this selection. -Lukas. Grade: C

John Fox is a defensive guy so this pick makes sense. Floyd was getting a ton of buzz of being a top-10 pick but it’s confusing why the Bears thought they had to jump the Giants to get him. Because of that, I like this pick a lot less. -Mike. Grade: D+

10. New York Giants – CB Eli Apple, Ohio State 

Maybe a little earlier than most people expected, but I love the Apple pick here. The Giants were in need of help in the secondary and Apple brings that. We will see how his cooking skills improve over the next few years (if you don’t understand, see here), but his performance on the field should be ready for the next level. I am surprised that he jumps Hargreaves in terms of cornerbacks, but the real story remains the fall of Laremy Tunsil. -Lukas. Grade: B-

Dang. The Giants lost Prince Amukamara, so they definitely needed a cornerback. With Floyd off the board, it seems the Giants panicked and just wanted to get their guy without risking another trade back. But what a fall for Tunsil. No idea where he goes now. Someone must have really had it out for him. -Mike. Grade: B

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB Vernon Hargreaves III, Florida

The Bucs make it back-to-back cornerbacks in the draft. Although they needed help on the offensive line for Winston, the impact that Tunsil’s video has had continues to show. Hargreaves is an awesome talent that I really like. Hopefully he is another piece that the Bucs can build off of on defense. Watch out Tom Brady, here comes Vernon. -Lukas. Grade: A-

I feel this draft has been filled with kids going to hometown teams. Goff, Ramsey, now Hargreaves. Tampa needed a corner and they got a great prospect here in Vernon. I think this kid is better than Eli Apple, and it definitely feels like a better fit here in Tampa than he would have been in NY. The Bucs traded down and got good value so thats a win-win. -Mike. Grade: A

12. New Orleans Saints – DE Sheldon Rankins, Louisville

Alright, let’s be real New Orleans. As long as this pick was on the defensive end, it was going to be alright. Rankins isn’t the most explosive player or the most colorful, but is talented nonetheless. He should be a decent starter right off the bat. -Lukas. Grade: B

I like this pick. Not a big splash for the Saints, but Rankins should be a solid player in their defense. -Mike. Grade: B+

13. Miami Dolphins – OT Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss

Finally. -Lukas. Grade: A-

Crazy that one of the top two players in the class was obtained at #13. The Dolphins made an incredible value pick here and need to be awarded accordingly. However, I do have concerns that a kid who couldn’t control himself in Mississippi will implode in the most eccentric city in America. -Mike. Grade: A-

14. Oakland Raiders – S Karl Joseph, West Virginia 

Interesting pick here. Sure, Joseph is a great athlete with tons of potential, but was he worth taking at #14? I don’t know. Even though the attention has been on the fall of Tunsil all night, when are people going to start talking about Myles Jack? Jack would’ve looked great across from Mack, but I guess the Raiders valued their needs in the secondary first. -Lukas. Grade: C+

Karl Joseph had ranged all over the first and second rounds depending on who you listened to. I think he’s going to be a really good player who can be a hell of a playmaker. I thought Jack would be a better pick here, but Joseph is definitely the better fit. Jack to Cleveland? -Mike. Grade: B+

15. Cleveland Browns – WR Corey Coleman, Baylor 

Interesting pick here by the Browns. They still don’t have a true answer at quarterback, yet they reach for Coleman. I love him as an NFL prospect, but who will throw him the ball? -Lukas. Grade: B-

Corey Coleman being the first receiver off the board this early should be a surprise, but this draft has been such a crap-shoot that nothing can surprise me anymore. Coleman fills a need and if he develops, this will be a great pick. -Mike. Grade: B-

16. Detroit Lions – OT Taylor Decker, Ohio State

Yet another Buckeye off the board. Even with the major gap on the defensive line, it is always a good pick to beef up the offensive line. Decker is a proven prospect who should be able to make an impact right away in front of Matthew Stafford. -Lukas. Grade: B-

Improving the Offensive Line can never hurt a team. I don’t like Decker as much as others, but I definitely agree that the Lions had a hole in the OL. A solid pick for the Lions. -Mike Grade: B

17. Atlanta Falcons – S Keanu Neal, Florida

Wow! I did not expect Neal to go this early, and I’m not sure I like it for the Falcons. The Falcons needed a linebacker, and they passed on both Myles Jack and Darron Lee. We shall see the impact that Neal has in the future. -Lukas. Grade: D+

This pick feels like a colossal reach. Myles Jack fell right into their lap and they pass on him?!? Even with that colossal hole at linebacker, the Falcons still didn’t feel that Jack or Darron Lee warranted a pick. -Mike Grade: D-

18. Indianapolis Colts – C Ryan Kelly, Alabama 

Pick an Alabama guy and you’re in good shape. The Colts pick Kelly to replace the legend Jeff Saturday. I like him in Colts’ system with Andrew Luck. -Lukas. Grade: B+

Ryan Kelly is a bulldog who looks to be a franchise center. Andrew Luck has got to be thrilled, as the Colts get the best O-Line prospect available. -Mike. Grade: B+

19. Buffalo Bills – DE Shaq Lawson, Clemson

Well, Sammy Watkins was right. The Bills went for another Clemson prospect, and an explosive one at that. Lawson has great measureables and versatility for the Bills defense. I love this pick for the team, and the chemistry between Shaq and Sammy should be great. -Lukas. Grade: A

The Bills get a steal here at 19. Lawson had a ton of hype as being a top 10 pick but he fell here, right into the Bills lap. He fills a huge need and is a great prospect making this an easy grade. -Mike. Grade: A

20. New York Jets – OLB Darron Lee, Ohio State

I love this pick as well. Along with Jack, Lee is an incredible prospect. At #20, the Jets got exactly what they wanted. However, this pick does hurt Paxton Lynch. This was maybe his best chance to go in the first round, but we’ll see if anyone starts wheeling and dealing down the stretch of the night. -Lukas. Grade: A

Yeah, Lee is a great prospect and a good value pick for the Jets. I didn’t think there was any chance he made it past the Falcons, but stupid teams make stupid picks. -Mike. Grade: A-

21. Houston Texans – WR Will Fuller, Notre Dame

Love this pick for the Texans. We expected them to go wide receiver, and there isn’t a better fit than Will Fuller. He has tremendous speed to spread the field alongside DeAndre Hopkins. Nuk finally gets a running mate for him and new QB Brock Osweiler will love to have another target. -Lukas. Grade: A-

Will Fuller should be a great fit in Houston who really extends the field. He should thrive across from a big, possession receiver like DeAndre Hopkins. He has serious dropping issues however, and therefore I’m not that high on him as a player. -Mike. Grade: B-

22. Washington Redskins – WR Josh Doctson, TCU

Just as we expected, the Redskins take a receiver and we get back-to-back receivers. Doctson is a big target that will be a great red zone target for Kirk Cousins. It would not surprise me if Cousins just stood up and screamed, “I LIKE THAT! I LIKE THAT,” at his television. -Lukas. Grade: A-

I really like Doctson, but not as much as Treadwell. I think so many teams are looking over what a winner Laquon is, with the Redskins included. However, the Redskins have had a need at wide receiver for years and I still think Doctson is a great prospect. I think this is a solid pick. -Mike. Grade: B

23. Minnesota Vikings – WR Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss

Love the hands and his pure football ability, but clearly his speed is lacking. Although he plays at a fast pace, his 40 time does not show that. I think that that is the only reason he has become the fourth wide receiver selected. Still, I think he has the opportunity to blossom with Teddy Bridgewater running the offense. -Lukas. Grade: B+

Laquon plays a lot like Dez Bryant, and he fell like Dez Bryant. I’m not saying he will be like Dez Bryant.. But…yeah…I’m saying I think he’ll be like Dez Bryant. -Mike. Grade: A+

24. Cincinnati Bengals – CB William Jackson III, Houston

The Bengals were looking for wide receiver, but after four wideouts got selected before their pick, they saw their options become limited. WJ3 is a talented corner that should help their defense. It was not worth a first round pick for Cincy to take Michael Thomas, and they showed great patience by waiting on that specific need. -Lukas. Grade: B

Good pick here for the Bengals. You can never have too many corners in the NFL, and they got to nab a player their arch-rival Steelers coveted. Jackson has talent and should be able to produce good numbers in Cincinnati. -Mike. Grade: B+

25. Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Artie Burns, Miami

After WJ3 got taken by Cincy, the Steelers took their next best corner on the board. I like the selection because it fits the need, and Burns has lots of speed and potential for the new Steel Curtain. -Lukas. Grade: C+

The Steelers reached here to fill a need. Burns is a good player but a reach at this spot. Love the pick as a Packers fan however, as Jack or Ragland should be coming to Title Town. -Mike. Grade: B-

26. Denver Broncos – QB Paxton Lynch, Memphis

Well, they needed a quarterback. I was unsure whether or not they wanted Lynch or Cook, but it is good selection nonetheless. This kid has an absolute cannon and he has quite the receiving core to work with on a Super Bowl ready roster. -Lukas. Grade: B+

Gotta say I enjoy this pick by the Broncos. Instead of taking the risk on Bradford or Kaepernick, why not take a young guy you can mold for a year behind Mark Sanchez? I think Lynch will be a great pro in this environment -Mike. Grade: B+

27. Green Bay Packers – DT Kenny Clark, UCLA

Not going to lie, I do not understand this pick by the Packers. Sure, they have a need at defensive tackle, but with two of the most talented linebackers in the draft still on the board, I am shocked Ted Thompson did not select either of them. The Packers have been notoriously bad in the first round, but have found gold in the later rounds so we’ll see what they pull off this year. -Lukas. Grade: D+

This pick has to be a joke. Ted Thompson meant to choose the UCLA linebacker not the DT right? This is a joke…a joke…. -Mike. Grade: F

28. San Francisco 49ers – OG Joshua Garnett, Stanford

Chip Kelly having fun with Pac-12 picks this draft. First, he goes Oregon with DeForest Buckner, then Stanford for Garnett. Garnett stays on the west coast and will hopefully develop into a great blocker for….who? We’ll see who the answer is at quarterback in the coming months…maybe. -Lukas. Grade: C+

Lukas texted me 30 seconds ago saying “Garnett here?” I shot back with a whimsical “Garnett who?”….. Seriously cannot believe I’m writing on his site. Well, the 49ers need guard help, but I think this trade was illogical and I do not even think Garnett was the best guard available. -Mike. Grade: D

29. Arizona Cardinals – DT Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss

Sure, Nkemdiche has his problems off the field, but that does not mean he isn’t a tremendous talent on the field. I think that the leadership on the Cardinals team will prove to benefit Nkemdiche in the long run and he could develop into a great pick for Arizona. -Lukas. Grade: B+

Yeah I think Nkemdiche is a great prospect who just got chastised by the media. He’s a great kid with a ton of talent who is in a great situation in Arizona. Love this pick. -Mike. Grade: A

30. Carolina Panthers – DT Vernon Butler, Louisiana Tech

Let’s be honest, the Panthers are in great shape across the board. Without any top-tier receivers left, they settled for what they felt to be the best fit for them. Butler has lots of opportunity to succeed on a great defense. -Lukas. Grade: C

I like this pick for Carolina. Scratch that. This pick is bland. No matter how hard I try I can not form an opinion on this selection, I’m still salty about what unfolded at 27… -Mike. Grade: C

31. Seattle Seahawks – OT Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M

We knew the Seahawks needed help on the offensive line after their implosion on the front line. This is a pick for the future, and I like the mindset that the Seahawks are taking into this draft through one pick. -Lukas. Grade: B+

Hawks traded down and still landed the guy they coveted. Love it. Thanks for reading. -Mike. Grade: A

My Final Thoughts on Opening Night

I thought that we saw lots of picks that we expected, but also some surprises. Secondary proved to be an important need in the first round with multiple selections. Also, linebacker showed that it was valued much less than people initially thought. Both Reggie Ragland and Myles Jack, two presumed top-20 selections, went through the entire first round without being selected. These falls should make for an excited night tomorrow.

I hope you guys enjoyed this live analysis by Mike and I. We had lots of fun working on it and I hope you like the collaborations with him. The NFL Draft is a great place for teams to figure out their future, and the next few days will certainly have an impact for years to come. And that’s all I have for now, so this is me…signing off. -Lukas.





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