Titans Trade #1 Pick to the Rams

Yesterday, the Tennessee Titans traded their number 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to the Los Angeles Rams. The entire details of this trade are as follows (pick number in parenthesis):

Rams receive: 2016 Round 1 (1)

Titans receive: 2016 Round 1 (15), 2016 Round 2 (43), 2016 Round 2 (45), 2016 Round 3 (76), 2017 Round 1, 2017 Round 3.

Click read more to see my analysis for this trade. 

In terms of why the Titans would make this trade, I think that reasoning is rather clear. This draft class is one that contains no clear #1 pick. There are several different options, including two quarterbacks near the head of the class. As Tennessee selected Marcus Mariota last year as their presumed quarterback of the future, it would not make sense for them to select another signal caller. Trading this pick gives them more volume of picks and therefore a higher chance of landing a star.

The Rams made this trade for the opposite reasons that the Titans did. The Rams have no quarterback of the future, and this pick will not most likely be at this position. Sources have revealed that the Rams are leaning towards Jared Goff, but do not forget about Carson Wentz as we get closer to draft day.

With this trade, it is becoming very likely that Goff will go #1 and Wentz will go #2. If the Rams select Goff, the Browns, who are in need of that quarterback position, will go with Wentz, who is rumored to the leader on their draft board anyways. Nonetheless, this is a huge draft that will have ramifications in years to come.

And that’s all I have for now, so this is me…signing off. -Lukas.


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